Thursday, March 18, 2010

Filter Unique Records - Excel Trik

sometimes, manusia itu kalo lagi ga butuh, dia ga mau belajar, tapi saat dia urgent en butuh, baru sibuk-sibuk nyari sana/i en belajar :mrgreen:

berikut adalah cara "SELECT DISTINCT" di excel :mrgreen: yang gue pelajari secara kilat :mrgreen: padahal beberapa bulan yang lalu, angel praktekin en suru gue belajar, gue masi emoh-emohan :mrgreen:

Filter Unique Records

You can use an Excel Advanced Filter to extract a list of unique items in the database.
For example, get a list of customers from an order list, or compile a list of products sold:

Note: The list must contain a heading, or the first item may be duplicated in the results.

Select a cell in the database.
From the Data menu, choose Filter, Advanced Filter.(In Excel 2007, click the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click Advanced Filter.)
Choose 'Copy to another location'.
For the List range, select the column(s) from which you want to extract the unique values.
Leave the Criteria Range blank.
Select a starting cell for the Copy to location.
Add a check mark to the Unique records only box.
Click OK.

data yang keluar itu bakalan unik, jadi kalo misalnya ada data seperti ini :
1. Mangga Ani 10 pcs
2. Jeruk Ani 5 pcs
3. Mangga Dona 11 pcs
4. Apel Rita 6 pcs
5. Manggis Yanti 2 pcs

en kita sort berdasarkan "Mangga", hasil yang keluar jadinya :
1. Mangga Ani 10 pcs
2. Mangga Dona 11 pcs

tapi kalo contohnya seperti ini :
1. Mangga
2. Jeruk
3. Apel
5. Mangga
6. Manggis
7. Mangga
8. Anggur

hasil yg keluar
1. Mangga
2. Jeruk
3. Apel
4. Manggis
5. Anggur

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