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Dakota Fanning - the other talented girl

gue tertarik ama nih anak :mrgreen:
aktingnya selalu bagus padahal baru umur 16 taon !!

ini foto waktu dia masi kecil
muka 'bakalan tenar'-nya dah keliatan ya :mrgreen:

nama lengkapnya Hannah Dakota Fanning, dia lahir di Conyers, Georiga, tgl 23 Feb 1994 *see!!! she's just 16 y/o!!!*

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dulu, gue kaga begitu ngikutin nih anak :mrgreen:
en ada 1 temen gue yang fanatik banget ama dia -_-"
en dia bilang nih anak saking cute en smartnya, tom cruise pernah beliin hp buat dia..
waktu itu gue pikir, "ah, itu juga gosip en omongan belaka lah!"

en barusan gue baca dari official website dia, ternyata bener yang dibilang temen gue ntuh

- Tom Cruise gave Dakota a cell phone for her 11th birthday. Her parents wouldn't let her have one beforehand and weren't too happy about this gift, but in the end, they let her have it.
- Katie Holmes gave her some gorgeous shoes.
- Robert De Niro gave her an American Girl doll for her 10th birthday that looked like her character Emily Callaway in "Hide and Seek". He also gave her a laptop.

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seperti anak cewek laennya, dia suka ngoleksi boneka :P
Dakota collects dolls.

semua fun fact tentang dia bisa diliat di

gue lagi males tejermahin :P

- Dakota has been reading since the age of two.
- Dakota loves to watch movies! "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Gone with the Wind", "Harry Potter", "Shrek", "Shrek 2" and "The Incredibles" are amoung her favourites.
- When Dakota was a lot younger, she pretended she was pregnant by stuffing a pillow up her shirt. Then she went through child birth and Elle was the baby.
- Dakota and Elle used to have a goldfish, but it flipped out of the bowl one night and died.
- Goldie is Dakota's horse, and all of his stuff is pink. Dakota loves braiding his hair and putting glitter on his hooves. He also has a mirror at the arena, which he can often be seen staring into!
- She doesn't mind going to the dentist.
- Her two front teeth had to be pulled out so there would be room for her permanent teeth to come through.
- Dakota loves to read! She likes the Harry Potter series, Lemony Snicket, Charlotte's Web and Nancy Drew books.
- Dakota has worn braces and she also had to wear an expander at night.
- When Dakota had braces, she liked to match the rubber band colours with the colour of her outfit.
- Dakota and Elle tried to become vegetarians, although that didn't last long, as they don't like vegetables!
- Dakota can speak French and Spanish, she is learning through school.
- Dakota collects dolls.
- Her favourite colour is pink.
- She likes going to the movies with her friends.
- Dakota and Elle are afraid of thunderstorms and lightening.
- She is a member of the Red Cross.
- When she was younger, she had lots of imaginary friends! She said they had strange names like Cobb, Tube, Bop, Jesse and Pappy.
- Dakota is one of fourteen grandchildren.
- She can play the violin and piano.
- She finds it easy to memorize things. On the set of 'Winged Creatures' she was able to memorize everyone in costar Josh hutcherson's Family.
- Knitting is one of Dakota's hobbies and she makes scarfs for her co-stars.
- Dakota loves names, and carried around a book of baby names with her wherever she went.
- New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Japan, France, England and Canada are amoung some of the fabulous countries Dakota has already visited!
- She likes to pretend she's talking on her cell phone when no one is there, and that she has messages when there are none.
- Dakota has seen some of the websites on her on the internet, she thinks they're very nice and she is honoured that people take their time to do that for her.
- Dakota has been Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Scarlet O'Hara for Halloween.
- She can see the fireworks on 4th July from her house.
- Dakota and Elle love to watch Fear Factor.
- Dakota is homeschooled, and has a tutour with her on set when she is filming.
- She would really like to go to college, but continue acting at the same time.
- Charlotte's Web is one of Dakota's favourite books. She says it's a beautiful story about friendship, and she always crys at the end.
- When Dakota and Elle were younger, they read The Cat in the Hat to each other all the time. Then Dakota went on to star in the movie!
- Some of Dakota's favourite actors and people she would like to work with are Morgan Freeman, Hilary Swank, Johnny Depp, Kate Blanchett, Judi Dench, Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz and Holly Hunter.
- Dakota stays up late to watch shows about comedians of the past, such as Lucille Ball.
- When Dakota did her first photoshoot for Teen Vogue when she was just 12 years old, she got to take home a pair of MJ combat boots from the shoot, which she still has to this day. She loves them.
- At aged 15, she finally fits into size zero clothes without having to get the clothes taken in which she finds amusing.
- Dakota says she has no off screen teen angst, but that she gets her rebellion out through her movies.
- Dakota currently attends a high school in Los Angeles which she enjoys and says everyone treats her as an equal. She wanted to experience those teen years like everyone else. Things like Prom and Homecoming, the memories you will never forget.

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